Thankful for the Little Things


Thanksgiving has easily become one of my favorite holidays. For someone obsessed with food, what could be better than an entire day dedicated to cooking and eating with your family and friends? When people ask what my family’s plans are for the holiday, I simply tell them we plan to eat! We wake up on Thanksgiving and think of nothing else. Cooking the much awaited meal is an event that takes a minimum of two hours. This Thanksgiving, my mom and I started cooking around two in the afternoon. After toasting with our bubbling glasses of Prosecco, I began peeling the potatoes while she started mixing the dressing. We were eventually joined by my grandmother, who quickly got to work on the vegetable side dishes. Keeping us company in the living room were my dad and brother watching football and eating our preliminary cheese and crackers. We were in no hurry to finish, but were all simply enjoying being together and anticipating the delicious meal to come. By 4:00, my dad was bringing the turkey in from the smoker and we were spooning all of the delicious sides into the bowls on the island, spread out in a lavish buffet. We all decorated our plates with as much food as we could fit and then found our places around the table, joining hands to bless the meal before diving in. As we sat munching and chatting about our favorite Thanksgiving memories and everything we’re thankful for, I thought about how wonderful it is to be grateful for the little things. I always say it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I have been so blessed in life and have so many important things to be grateful for, but I also appreciate all the little, everyday things I get to enjoy, like the delicious taste of mashed potatoes as I tell my mom it needs a little more sour cream, the surprised look on my brother’s face when we bring out his favorite dessert, and sneaking my puppy bites of turkey underneath the table so she can join in on the holiday fun. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is how it always recenters my focus on what is important. With my loving family around me and a belly full of turkey and chocolate pie, there is no room to be wanting anything more.

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