“Thanks for eating with me”

My 2.5 weeks of singing, exploring, and eating my way through NYC.

“Thanks for eating with me,” my friend Danni told me as we hugged goodbye. We were finishing up a two and a half week vocal program in New York City, and had bonded instantly over our passion (or some would say obsession) for food. At the end of every three hour masterclass we would look at each other and the first thing out of our mouths was “Where are we eating tonight?!” There’s nothing that quite brings two people together like the love of finding amazing places to eat. And what better place to let your taste buds explore than a city with literally 24,000 eating establishments crammed into its bustling streets. New York has every food and dessert imaginable, and it can be overwhelming at times when trying to find the perfect place to spend your beloved meal time. Every time I come to this incredible city I find new favorites, and below are just a few of the highlights from my most recent stay. I spent most of my time in the Upper Westside, but managed to explore the other neighborhoods a bit. I’m always open to suggestions for upcoming visits!

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