Swipe Right for a Tasty Bite


In our technologically driven world, we’re all familiar with the new fad of online dating apps. What was before a desperate last resort has now become a convenient and efficient way of meeting compatible people in our fast paced lives. It’s a simple concept: swipe right if you see something you like. As successful as these dating apps have been, imagine if there existed an app for matching you with the right restaurant? You would create your profile with statistics like your age, city, cuisine preferences, etc., and you could then be provided with numerous restaurant options that best match what you look for in a place to eat. You could even tailor your search for a special occasion, or new location if you are traveling. You would no longer have to play the stressful guessing game when trying to choose the perfect place for dinner. Every new restaurant would be the perfect match and a memorable experience! Wanting a quiet night at home? The app could also provide you with recipes you might like, and what nearby store would be most useful for making the dish. Other features could include writing reviews so you can read up on the new place you’re about to hit, or friend making features where you could  find “like-tasted” people and where they eat the most. So what do you think? Would you be willing to take a chance and swipe right for a tasty bite?

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  1. julie says:

    Great idea!

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