A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Tastes


Young adults of today’s generation get a lot of flack about how many pictures of their food they take. Looking around a typical restaurant, you’ll see the teenagers with their phones hanging over their plates snapping their delicious looking meal to their friends as their parents sit shaking their heads wondering why they aren’t just enjoying the food. Though I’m very against being on the phone at the dinner table, I do see a good side in snapping a quick pic of your dinner before diving in. A picture is worth a thousand tastes. When you look back at a picture of a great meal that you had, you aren’t just remembering how good the food tasted. You’re also remembering the little table you sat at on the patio with your best friend people watching the busy strangers passing by. You’re remembering grammy’s 90’th birthday party and the entire room joining in to sing along. You’re remembering the cute waiter you flirted with until awkwardly finding out he wasn’t single when you offered your number. You’re remembering the wedding proposal two tables away, the waiter spilling water down your back and comping your meal, the Frank Sinatra song playing overhead that tempted you to get up and dance. The tastes you experience with a good meal are instantly associated with the events around you, and can bring back a flood of memories when you taste it again or remember what it tasted like. So when that steaming plate of risotto arrives at your table, whip out your phone, take a quick pic, and then put it away and enjoy the tastes, smells, sounds, and company around you so you can remember them when you look back at your lovely dinner out.


  1. A blogger needs his/her share of photos at the dinner table.. we live to eat and feel food via our senses and lens both. haha.. Thank you for following Masalachilli and apologies for the delay in responding back.

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