IMG_4178The one thing I am not in search for is the perfect macaron. I’ve already found it, and so can you, at the beautiful establishment known as Ladurée. The restaurant, salon de thé, et spécialiste du macaron has it’s headquarters in Paris, but have no fear, for there are locations in NYC, LA, DC, and Miami. Ladurée prides themselves on their special macarons. When you bite into a Ladurée macaron, there is no doubt in your mind who made it. Every macaron from Ladurée has the same exquisite quality- the perfect balance of texture between too dry and too cakey. The Ladurée macaroon is delicately sweet and leaves you pining for more. And it is impossible to ever grow tired of it, since they have more flavors than you can count (and believe me I’ve tried them all). I’ve tried macarons from other patisseries, both in Paris and the US, and have yet to find one that compares to the Ladurée macaron. And it is more than the taste that sets them apart, it is the experience. My heart starts to beat a little faster as I walk up to any Ladurée, with it’s ornate green wrought iron front and elegant cursive writing. Once I step inside, my breath catches as I see the sprawling case of colorful pastries before me. Its like I’ve traveled back in time to the 1920’s. Uniformed pastry chefs call out in French greeting as they work busily behind the glowing counter. Happy patrons sit at the petite bistro tables on the red velvet chairs and benches. I walk up to the counter smiling as I say, “Je voudrais trois maracrons s’il vous plaît!”


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