“America Runs on Dunkin”

IMG_1343My love for coffee has grown exponentially in the past couple years, and honestly I’m not sad about it. I’m the kind of person who drinks decaf at night just for the taste. But it’s not just the taste of coffee that I love, it’s the feeling of the warm glass mug in my hand on a lazy afternoon. It’s the stumbling out to the kitchen rubbing sleep from my eyes as I press the button to wake up the coffee maker. It’s the awkward first date over an almond milk latte. It’s the reunions with old friends that have turned from a quick meet up into an afternoon of memories. “America runs on Dunkin” is a brilliant slogan (and not just because you can always find  Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in my cabinet). Our society does run on coffee. Our caffeine addiction is a bond that all coffee lovers share, and brings us together in more ways than one. People criticize places like Starbucks and the millennials who have their 15 step coffee order. But I see nothing wrong with it. Whether it’s the commercialized business of Starbucks or the locally owned coffee shop, I’ll always be down to grab a cup of jo with an old friend, good book, or sometimes, unfortunately, even a textbook.

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  1. updownflight says:

    I’ve loved coffee since I was maybe 16 years old. I went to a private school that actually provided free coffee (and water for tea) to everyone, including students. My parents, particularly my mother, were obsessed with their coffee and the morning and evening coffee ritual. My siblings love coffee, too.

    My husband and I grind our own fair trade shade grown coffee. I’ll admit that the sound of the coffee grinder is a little rough in the mornings when I’m still barely awake, but the aroma makes up for it.

    I love espresso and espresso drinks, too. The photo you included that has a heart in the milk foam is nice. Can you make that? I can’t, but once in Czech Republic I went to a cafe where there was a photo of a cappuccino with a musical clef on it. I asked them if they could do that and they said they never tried, that it was just on the photo. When they brought my cappuccino they had indeed managed beautifully. They were quite proud and I was quite impressed.

    If you ever get to a country known for growing coffee, I hope you’ll visit a plantation. My husband did in Costa Rica a number of years ago. We enjoyed the experience. I even wrote about it once on my blog.

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    1. I don’t know how to make designs in the foam-but would love to learn! I got into drinking coffee when I was studying abroad in France and the habit has stuck with me ever since. I especially love drinking espresso after a long dinner!

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      1. updownflight says:

        That’s a great place to form an appreciation for this wonderful beverage! I also love a nice espresso after dinner. I drink American-style coffee for breakfast.

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